“New Life bursting through death”: Reflections on Lent by Archbishop Rowan Williams

"It’s not about feeling gloomy for forty days; it’s not about making yourself miserable for forty days; it’s not even about giving things up for forty days. Lent is springtime. It’s preparing for that great climax of springtime which is Easter – new life bursting through death." – Rowan Williams

On Ash Wednesday, I was marked with the sign of the cross with Ashes, a clear link to the whole issue of death, fragility and mortality.

When I was baptized (in my case as an infant), I was marked with the sign of the cross, a clear link to life, salvation and belonging to Christ.

This Lent I’m connecting both themes more consciously, acknowledge the reality of suffering, denial, and taking up my cross to follow Christ. But not without a keen eye on the climax of Easter ever invading my todays.

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