Happy Birthday, Elysia Kit Kye Xin

Today is International Woman’s Day. The Global theme from the United Nations is “Women and men united to end violence against women and girls”. I would wholeheartedly sign on for that!

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the eventful March 8, 12th General Election Results where the Barisan National was denied 2/3 Majority in the Federal Government and lost 5 states! Malaysian politics has most exciting since.

But most importantly, today is Elysia’s 4 year old birthday. So, while both of the above are significant, they take a back seat to my favorite and only daughter!

Okay, I tell all my kids they are my favorite – Gareth, the favorite first born, Ewan the favorite youngest! But now the focus is on the bubbly, energetic, talkative, strong willed Elysia.

She’s been talking about this birthday for a few months now.  And for us, we’ve been trying to use the process as a teachable moment for her.  I do wonder how she feels as the middle child, but then she is the only daughter so perhaps the whole experience would be different if she were a boy.  I don’t know, one day maybe we’ll sit down and talk about it.


One thing for sure she was extremely happy because of these special slippers (thanks Aunty Phoebe). Tonight, we would enjoy packet of potato chips together.  Courtesy of her father of course, me!

It’s been a long week, thus far.  Lots going on, and a lot of energy devoted to 101 things which is never ending.  Some planned, others at the last moment.  But after all is said and done, I must say, I want Elysia to know how special she is to me and all of us in the family, to her friends, to her Godpapa & Godmama, to all those who care for her, and most of all to God.

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