Random Thoughts after surviving a long important meeting from 10am to 9pm

These purple potatoes are amazing.

The taste is . I don’t know how to describe it.  Unique?

The funny thing is I had them on March 2, 2009 and I am still thinking of them.  Unforgettable.

The late 9pm dinner tonight was strictly Chinese after a grilling long meeting which after the whole exercise fried quite a few brain cells, and squeezed a few more grey hairs out of me.

Life is complicated.  People are hard to grasp.  A quick internal glance shows our own mixed emotions and conflicting thoughts too.

Not sure whether anything coherent is coming out now.  But these random thoughts posts always does me some good.  Not sure about the readers.

Brain juices bubbling is loads of fun.  Fried brain cells are much more serious.  But both have their place in the human self-cooking diet.  Everyday life is full of either one or both.

It’s a good feeling when you know, how some decisions will really be such a great blessing to those affected by those decisions.

It’s a burden one has no choice to carry, when the results of deliberation will carry an unpopular effect.  But these are the crosses we carry, the moment we are willing to serve, take responsibility and set into any kind of office.

Most people don’t have to bear such weight.  I wonder why some of us go ahead and avail ourselves for such work. It needs to be done.  And it’s true somebody has got to do it.

Is there a tinge of messianic complex there? Well, the temptation will always be lurking at the corner.  But seriously, it’s more mundane than messianic. The glamour is short lived.  Most of the time, few people see the behind the scenes struggles one goes through to even get a project off the ground.  And fewer people see the unspoken frustrations one goes through to see a project take root and bear fruit.

Talking is easier.

Talking while trying to listen hard is much harder.

Talking while keeping a listening hard, and making commitments to carry decisions through is painful.

Talking, listening, enduring, and hitting against the wall is sobering.

In short, what people see is often only the surface.  The realities beneath bubble with more interest and complexity. There are those who can handle it, many prefer to ignore it, and some work through it.

Principles. Hmmm .. Compassion. Well . . . Discernment, ah. a favorite for many! Compromise.  Ever ready. Middle of the road or moderation.  Culture.  How about preference?

I think I’m getting to fall asleep.  So much to unload.

So much got downloaded!

Information overload?

It’s part of being human. Sure.  But when one is a leader.  Then it’s more than information overload.  It’s extra load which one carries sometimes by choice.  Other times, it’s thrown on you.

This is life.  This is the lot of many. Or maybe a few.  Those who aren’t joking when they say , “I’m a little tired”.  And it’s not just because it’s time to sleep.

There are light moments too. The laughter.  The holy humor. Seeing a brighter future after fanning some depressing smoke. A story of courage.  A glimpse of potential. An act of kindness.

Small steps which will lead to big differences.  Maybe not today.  But someday.

It’s worth it. With eyes of faith, at least.

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