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South African elections create debate about religion and politics

Relevance for Malaysia too?

"The relevance of politics for religion specifically for Christians is no longer debatable. Nor do Christians still debate much the need for them to be involved in politics," said Tinyiko Maluleke, the president of the South African Council of Churches. "What remains a debatable event in our day is the level, mode, nature, manner and purpose of Christian involvement in politics."

A call to prayer and guidance for casting your vote in the South African Elections – 22 April 2009. A Critical Juncture!

Praying with Dion on this as I can relate to him on the importance of prayer and guidance in these critical times where we cannot hide in our own cocoons.

Dreaming an unexpected dream

If you can’t get enough of Susan Boyle, or more precisely, if you want to go deeper.

Ten Great Church Buildings in the World

While we may say the Church is first and foremost people, the buildings we construct say quite a bit about us and what we want to represent as well. 🙂

A fresh revelation about economic meltdown

Let’s talk about money . . and beyond . and the book of Revelation!

Of all the books of the New Testament, the one that I least understood and treated as irrelevant to life in today’s world has been The Revelation of St John the Divine. My attitude has changed with the unfolding current economic crisis. What I find in that book, especially in its latter chapters, now speaks to me and fills me with conviction.

When St John wrote The Revelation, he was prescribing how Christians were supposed to understand themselves and live in the context of the ancient Roman Empire. Increasingly, they had defined themselves as a people who had their citizenship in what they believed was another kingdom, namely the Kingdom of God. They had come to see themselves as aliens in what they viewed more and more as a political system dominated by corrupted “principalities and powers.”

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