7 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in Malaysia


Inspired by 50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor.  Let me give it a jump start, can’t come out with 50 at one go.  But 7 is possible.  “Neighbor” here begins with the people really staying next to you or the same floor with you.  But it extends to “Neighbors” at work, school, interest groups, clubs, other drivers on the road, etc.  Anyone who is not “you” 🙂

Ready, set . . .  go!

1. Remember to use the signal light  to indicate whether you are turning left or right while driving. 

2. Don’t simply throw rubbish (includes spitting). Watch WALL.E if you don’t understand.

3. Register to vote, and vote wisely. Don’t wait till one month before the next election. Performance now! 🙂 Imagine what a sudden surge of registrations would do to those who are in power or desire power . a reminder it’s an entrusted power to serve?

4. Purge all traces of racism and discrimination of any kind (e.g. disabilities, migrant, religion, social standing, etc) . Start hanging out with people who are different from you. Be their friend, that’s even better.

5. Smile at the people who are in the same lift with you. (They may think you are crazy, prove them right by singing in the lift. Try You are my sunshine!)

6. Join a good cause you believe in. There’s plenty out there.

7. Add your own 7 ways to Love Your Neighbor. Tell people about it, do a blog post, take pictures, spread the word, and be creative.  But more importantly Just do it!


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7 thoughts on “7 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in Malaysia

  1. G

    The first one is hard enough already. God help us.

  2. G – Yes, indeed we cannot do any of these by our own “power”. It’s too hard. The mountain is too high to climb. But we have one another to cheer us on, apart from God. You can do it, just stretch those fingers . . . Think of your loved ones not the guy or gal who might potential start swearing if you don’t stretch those fingers.

    Yes, you can!

  3. C

    will try my best 🙂

  4. ok, i’m a little blur, but the photo is about …… ??

  5. alwyn – Peacemaking The Selangor Government style http://www.nurulizzah.com/site/2009/05/13/mesra-usia-emas/ So it’s not all protest, there’s policy huh? But not so drama for the media.

  6. Mr Dua Sen

    Haha, why not try something more local than “You Are My Sunshine” with let’s say “Rasa Sayang”?

  7. Mr. Dua Sen, for the record, the first song that came into my mind was “NegaraKu”, then I thought let’s put something up and see what’s the reaction. I agree, Rasa Sayang is a great idea. The meaning of the title is apt too! “Feel Love” man! 🙂

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