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The Micah Mandate Online E-zine is still trying it’s best to provide space for alternative Christian voice on matters of public concern especially in Malaysia. Forgive me for slacking in redirecting your attention there. I’ve been distracted by Twitter I think 🙂

The Gospel of Jesus Forty Years After May 13

I read an awesome quote by Bonhoeffer today, "There can only be a community of peace when it does not rest on lies and injustice." So, what Bob Teoh is calling for is worth our attention.

We need to close the wounds of May 13 so that we can open a new and brave chapter of our journey – of one Malaysia where all Malaysians can live in peace and as equals among brethren.

Restoring Institutional Strength and Separation of Powers

This address was delivered by Tricia during the Perdana Discourse Series 9 by the Perdana Leadership Foundation entitled “The Role of the Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and the Constitutional Monarchy in the Governing of Malaysia”

Salam sejahtera and good morning. I have been asked to share my thoughts with you on the role of the judiciary, executive, legislature and the constitutional monarchy in the governing of Malaysia. My co-panelists, both trained in the law, would no doubt present a complete and thorough legal framework, so I thought that I’d try to capture the sentiments being more urgently and widely expressed by many Malaysians. The viewpoint which you will be sharing with for the next few moments will be that of a person working in government presently, exposed to its systems and cultures, a keen political observer, and a young Malaysian serious about reflecting upon the country’s problems and trying to resolve them through key public policy reforms.

Compassion & Persecution

When I found out Melissa was taken into the police station with another friend of mine as well as others, I was worried. But reading her story and reflection reminds us of the bigger picture then our fears. Check out the video of her being interviewed here: One Night in Brickfields

the first people who must be seen to oppose injustice and show compassion are Christians. Secondly, we must be willing to come out of our comfort zones, and show others by our actions that Christians are not bible-hugging, hymn-singing apathetic people who are content only with “praying” for the wronged and oppressed but that our actions are louder than our words or prayers, important as they are. Thirdly, rather than feel shame for being arrested, I felt an increasing need to tell everyone including my ex students and friends that they should not be consumed by unfounded fears.

CCM Statement On The Perak State Assembly Sitting Of 7th May

I read another great reminder from Bonhoeffer today, "To flee into invisibility is to deny the call.Any community of Jesus which wants to be invisible is no longer a community that follows him".

Some Christians might think we better shut up less we face a back lash or they sincerely believe the Church should not be involved.  But I believe we should speak up, and be in solidarity with those who stand for what is right and just. We have been silent for too long.

Lord have mercy!

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