Random Thoughts While I’m in Room No. 5

This is the first time I’m staying in Room No. 5 at the Lutheran Mission Bungalow. It’s nice.  I like the table I’m using now facing the garden.  And the weather especially after the rain, is especially refreshing for my need 🙂

The main purpose for me to be here is actually not rest and relaxation.  I was assigned four sessions at Camp Cameron organized by the Fellowship of Evangelical Students. The camp is only for tertiary students. They are into their third week at the Lutheran Lake view Campsite about 30minutes drive from where I am now.

Managed two sessions this morning. I was wondering whether it’s the excitement of being able to share after being immobilized for quite a few days (and missing the Sunday sermon) or the overdose of coffee, that I spoke a little too fast in session one. I made the necessary adjustment in session two with better pacing I guess.

It’s a little challenging to “parachute” in for a camp where the campers have spent so much time together, gone through quite a number of sessions before me (and I wasn’t around to hear what was said in detail), but I think after today I have got a better sense of where everyone is at and what level of “digestion” they are at.

The highlight for me of course, was the conversations over lunch at one of the chalets.  The questions and interaction helped include me faster into the “community” environment.

Of course, returning to stay in the Lutheran Mission Bungalow was my choice.  Somehow, I had the gut feeling I needed some time alone.  Not just to regenerate, but also to slow down a little. So, while the mornings until lunch are mainly sessions and conversations with people. The afternoons and nights are all on my own.  Tomorrow, there is a full day break.  Normally, I prefer everything to be done in a row.  But I guess the schedule also allowed me a pause before the last one.

The air is clearing me up well. I managed to get some needed 40 winks. The breathing is slightly slower. Looking forward for a simple dinner alone. I do miss the kids and May Chin. It would have been great if they were here.  But then again, school is still on.

It’s noteworthy that we’re approaching the mid year. So, this was a  planned speaking engagement mixed with an unplanned mid year mini-break. True solitude for a change. Solitude where it’s not just time with myself, but time with my creator, redeemer and life-giver. I’m grateful.


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4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts While I’m in Room No. 5

  1. melvin

    Hi Sivin Kit,

    Need some information. Can I inquire about the Lutheran Mission Bungalow? I will be going there and wanted more information.


  2. Hi Melvin, call Luther Centre 03-79560014 for more info. They will help you.

  3. Lu

    hey Sivin Kit,

    pls can u give me d address of the lutheran mission bungalow….intend to go there this week and can seem to find any proper documentation online….

  4. Lu, I don’t have the address. You have to call Luther Centre 03-79560014 check with Adeline.

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