Random Thoughts after playing a game with the kids


It was simple fun. Inexpensive. A little competition and some excitement. 🙂

Wow. I noticed that I haven’t blogged as intensely as I used to.  I wonder whether it’s because of Twitter or maybe I’m just more preoccupied lately.

As one gets older I wonder whether decisiveness is seen as impatience.  Or maybe it’s because after so many hard knocks, we just don’t want to waste time.

Ewan is growing fast and I love watching him walk around.  The new found mobility is such a view to watch.

Of course, his vocabulary is increasing by the day, slowly and steadily.  I think I heard a clear “Papa” during dinner. The rest is usually “rambling in tongues”!

Had a full day of two meetings and sat through one demo today.  There is a feeling of accomplishment, and yet it’s tiring.  Good meetings overall and necessary.

Rebooting my GTD system has been good.  I was distracted by the “cracked” iphone a kind soul gave to me 😛 I wonder when I will fully switch to using a Mac. My route seems to be from the other way round – iPod, iphone .. and ?

I still believe nothing beats the Hipster PDA. I love it. 

Wow, I just realized today the last 5 days I have been eating a lot of Chicken and roast pork rice.  Almost alternate days.  I need a change.

Hmm . getting back into a rhythm of blogging isn’t that easy. I wonder why?

Oh yes, I need to get back to my 30 Day Improving my blog challenge.  Like all things, I was distracted.

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