Happy Belated 10th Anniversary, May Chin and Sivin!

On June 5, 1999 – Long May Chin and Sivin Kit got married after 10 years of courtship.  Wow, I just realized we’ve now crossed the 10th year of marriage.


Those were the days when we were young and innocent 🙂 Every time I pass by Bangsar Shopping Centre, I’m reminded that was the place we got engaged.

I’ll never forget how terrified I was when I asked May Chin’s dad whether I could marry her.

Nowadays, for a lot of couples it’s more like informing the parents.  But seriously, getting through that key exam of asking permission in those days was a great achievement!


It was a long walk to the wedding altar. And it’s been a long walk to our 10th year together.

So much has changed especially the last 10 years in our experiences of life.  The highs and the lows, the mundane and the mysterious, the joys and the sorrows.

We’ve grown somewhat 🙂 (Not just physically, especially me . . . I can never fit into those jeans now!)

Less young, not so innocent. But I think we are still youthful in some ways, and very much valuing the hopeful even though we’ve had some hard knocks too.


We finally managed to have a simple celebration last night 🙂 Ideally, we should have been alone just the two of us. Occasionally, we manage to do that. But most of the time, the 3 Musketeers  tag along. And that’s ok. They add flavour into our lives in every way as May Chin and I do so for one another.


On this quiet Monday morning, I would like to pause and offer thanks to God – Father, Son, Spirit – for inviting us into the dance and drama of the Trinity. I’m grateful that May Chin and I have been included in a journey where our marriage is a place where “love” in all it’s facets has a chance to be explored and encountered.

Prayerfully, the lessons that we’ve learnt and the life we live together has an overflow impact on those surrounding us in a positive and good way.  I believe even our mistakes  can be redeemed as a springboard for ourselves and others to connect to the authentic nature of what “love” involves. 

On a deeper and hidden level, we trust God’s work and God’s ways is demonstrated in a fashion which ultimately points back to the origin and orientation of love – the God who is love.

10 years of courtship, not bad!

10 years of marriage, that’s good .

Many more years to come . and a little prayer to walk on!

we offer ourselves afresh to you our God – creator, redeemer and life giver, to continue to learn what it means to love one another, and love you who has first loved us and thus surrendering at all times and all places in various phases so you can make your love complete in us. Amen.

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