Imaginary Inquisition (I mean Interview)

Don’t take this personally .. Imaginary Inquisition (I mean Interview)

Interviewer: "what is your theological position"?

Crazy Maker: … changing?

Interviewer: are you orthodox?

Crazy Maker: Not eastern

Interviewer: are you a heretic?

Crazy Maker:  yes as far as Vipers are concerned! (HT: John the Baptist)

Interviewer:  so you are emergent?

Crazy Maker: hmmm …. in relation to science, philosophy, theology or ecclesiology?

Interviewer: So why aren’t you answering the question directly? Make your yes … yes … no … no.  if not it’s from the …

Crazy Maker:  The Kingdom of God is like …

Interviewer: (pause)

Crazy Maker: Let me ask the question back … to you the interviewer

what is your economic position?

are you a pure capitalist?

so you are a communist?

I mean socialist?

Interviewer: (puzzled look)

me: okay…. are you making poverty history?

Interviewer: I’m talking about the matters of God here!

me: No …. ?

Interviewer:not about economics

Crazy Maker:  okay …

go and sell all your wealth, give it to the poor (at least a substantial amount) and then come back and talk to me


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2 thoughts on “Imaginary Inquisition (I mean Interview)

  1. joshuawoo


    The crazy maker is so daringly prophetic!

  2. Paul

    Might be an idea actually – going on a polite offensive rather than always having to explain your position.

    I think I would rather be called “emerging” than emergent as in all honestly there are many areas where I do not really know my position as yet – still emerging or trying to emerge from the muddy swirl of confusion and conflict

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