Intercultural Dialogue Using Theory of Constrain 27 June 2009

This looks interesting.  Any effort to encourage building bridges is a good effort. While this is jointly organized by Three Muslim NGOs, it’s open to all. 


Intercultural Dialogue Using Theory of Constrain


Zana Borisavljevic


The Nomad Offices

Level 8, Pavilion KL

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL


27 June 2009 (Saturday)


930AM – 1130AM

Jointly Organized by Muslim Professionals Forum [MPF], Sisters in Islam [SIS] and Islamic Renaissance Front [IRF]


Zana Borisavljevic is a Holistic Education and Development Consultant with over 20 years’ experience in education. She is currently based in Serbia where she works as the director of an NGO “Education Plus”, an organization offering personal and professional development programs, Parenting Courses and Youth Leadership Programs. She is also one of the founders and directors of the international education program Theory of Constrain [TOC] for Intercultural Dialogue which uses TOC logic tools for enabling dialogue and understanding between different cultures and ethnicities. During the last few years, Zana has been particularly involved in programs aimed at building bridges between young people of different ethnicities in the Balkans.

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