Precious Moments: Ewan Eating Noodles

For me, it’s simple moments like this that’s so precious.  It’s not “expensive” but it priceless.  It’s “un-orchestrated” and yet deeply profound. It’s a load of fun too.

I find myself energized by times like this.  It connects to the best of our humanity, and also points me to the wonders of being God’s creation with his image. 

The reality of brokenness, distortion and sin is not far away.  Enjoying this gift while being with Ewan doesn’t downplay or ignore that in anyway.  But when it’s so easy to get sucked into the darkness of all that, the glimpses of childlike innocence, wonder and simplicity is such a joy to behold and a much needed antidote to refocus. 

Capturing this moment of Ewan’s joy of eating noodles brings so much joy for me. 🙂 This joy leads me to offer thanks to “Our Father” who’s not just busy keeping the universe in equilibrium, but also engaged around the meals we have on a daily basis.

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