Random Links #335 on 1Malaysia

1Malaysia Concept Part 1

1Malaysia Concept – Part 2

To be fair let’s get it directly from the PM’s mouth.

1Malaysia according to Tamu

An NGO to help explain the concept  . interesting. Caught something in relation to Bangsa Malaysia

It is to unite the races. It is more of a unifying slogan to unify the people to think as one nation. Our diversity is embraced as a strength and asset of the country. We’d like everybody to think and act as one nation. This is not a prime minister thing. This is for the people to embrace.

Under [former prime minister Tun Dr] Mahathir [Mohamad] there was this phrase "Bangsa Malaysia" but it was a struggle to communicate because to the Malay [Malaysian], the word "bangsa" means race. But to the people who coined it, they wanted it to mean "nation".

So there was a mindset problem. So under 1Malaysia, we talk about rakyat or the people, rather than bangsa to get away from semantics and the mindset problem.

Sinar Harian ‘Gula-Gula’ Cover

A Big Congrats to Tony Pua for making the front cover with the PM!

On the 100 days Najib premiership celebrations and policy announcements, he called his offers "Hadiah", while I called it "Gula-gula".

Ini hanya adalah ‘gula-gula’, bukanlah satu pengumuman yang besar seperti yang kita kehendaki selama ini. ‘Gula-gula’ ini tidak akan memberi kesan kepada PR.

Why Najib’s 1Malaysia will fail – Final

Haris gives a strong challenge to the PM’s idea here.

A lot of fancy words with no concrete ideas about how “the Rakyat must be the first to be developed” , about how to go about changing hearts and minds so that Malaysians see each other as just Malayisan and not Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc.

In both of his posts, he never touched, even in passing, on what, in my view, is the most important change that we need to see happen if the government of the day is serious about national unity.


1Malaysia bukan asimilasi – kata utusan

The MP of Lembah Pantai chips in . 🙂


Najib tries again to sell his 1 Malaysia, with song and dance

1Malaysia split already ah?

Patrick Teoh has such pointed humor in the second link 🙂

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