A Pool of Tears


EACH TIME I SPEAK or teach or gather together in some other way with folk from our local congregation, I am aware that each one of us sits next to a pool of tears. Each one of us carries in our hearts personal wounds as well as the wounds of the nation. Each one of us groans, not only with our own painful longings, but also with the painful longings of that part of the world where we live.

– Trevor Hudson with Stephen Bryant
Listening to the Groans: A Spirituality for Ministry and Mission

(via Upper Room Daily Reflections)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted reflections based on the quotes like the one above.  I know for many people it’s hard to deal with “tears”.  We are uncomfortable to feel vulnerable.  The pain may be too hard to bear.  We might be concerned how others view us.  For some, it might be a sign of weakness or immaturity – move on, get over it quickly they say. Well, perhaps it’s easier for those words to come out when we are at a distant (or choose to be distant).

For me, while I must admit I like many are not most comfortable with “tears”, but I’m learning to understand more and more,  what “a pool of tears” means for those who carry “wounds” that cannot be simply ignored.  There’s something about being human that requires us to feel deeply. Sure, being immobilized with emotions is one thing.  But then, shoving them aside or burying them prematurely may not really be a true sign of maturity or intelligence.

We don’t have to fear tears – whether our own or others. One day there won’t be any more tears.  For now, we embrace them as part of our pilgrimage.

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