A New Kind of Wedding Procession?

Thanks Sze Zeng.  Let’s see whether any couples in Malaysia will take up the challenge.  Perhaps, a more contextualized version?


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4 thoughts on “A New Kind of Wedding Procession?

  1. Soo inn

    Great! If a trifle long! Now everybody will copy this and it will become expected and boring. 🙂 Yes a contextualized version for sure!! Go for it. Next couple to get married?

  2. Joshua Woo

    Yes, a challenge! A traditional contextualized version would be Gamelan.

  3. Hey there Sivin … I blogged about this wedding dance, and though I love the moves, the joy, the celebration, because this is taking place in a church as part of a Christian wedding, I would have preferred to see the dance set to a festive song of praise rather than a song about dancing all night … 😉

  4. Josh – I was also exploring ideas like Chinese Fan Dances, or the Malay Candle light dance, etc.

    Chris – I think for shock value the video is a good reminder on the celebrative nature of the wedding. Of course, on second thoughts, like you mentioned the content of the lyrics makes a difference too. Perhaps, an inspiration to Christian songwriters to add to our repertoire as well 🙂

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