Random Thoughts after coming back from Ipoh


My coffee is finishing soon.  It’s not Ipoh white coffee.

The picture above has stuck in my mind since I arrived in Ipoh 2 days ago. I think it speaks a million.

It’s obvious that whatever one may do to the people on the outside, it what’s on the inside that matters and tells you more about what’s really going on – what the people really wants.

I’ve come to the conclusion I need to strengthen on theology of sin.  While so often we give a benefit of a doubt to people whom we are supposed to trust and respect, but it’s better to still have a tinge of caution.

It’s important to know who we are, what we stand for, and what we are called to be and do.  Too many variables are outside of our control, and often what happens to us really has nothing to do with us.  It’s likely to have more to do with the ones calling the shots.

The moment “God” is brought in to close down a debate, it shows that we’ve crossed the line between of being used by him and using him.  Lord have mercy.

When we “abstain” from making a decision, the effect is that we empower those who say “No!”.  It’s our right to do so, but we still need to bear the consequences of the decision of “non-decision”. We can empathize with the struggle of those who “sit on the fence” – it’s not easy when we are forced to make a tough choice, but especially for those in leadership – we have no choice but to face hard options all the time.

I do believe in the "hidden” work of God is some times more visible than others.  In my limited experience, reflecting upon it on hind sight is the healthier way to speak about it.  Explaining away an immediate scenario is premature.

Is God’s will “whatever will be will be”? or is God’s will about truth, justice, righteousness, peace, reconciliation, etc. rather than a deterministic posture?

The fact of the buzz outside the formal settings is a reality.  As human beings we are people in community, and it’s only natural to engage in mutual reflection non-formally. The challenge is whether one will still show courage and articulate the results of those conversations and take ownership of those views.

There are times when we are caught between a rock and a hard place and speak on behalf of others.  Speaking up for and on behalf of the weak, the voiceless, and the marginalized is to be applauded. But when those in power, and do have a voice expects us to speak on their behalf – then it’s a troubling and makes one pause and wonder . what’s going on here?

Trust is a precious commodity in all relationships.  When it’s broken, it’s almost impossible to mend it. Almost impossible, not impossible.  We are not finished yet ..

Courage is not about volume.  But it’s cowardice when we expect someone else (or worse ask someone else) to speak up for us, when we have the voice to speak up for ourselves.

Many will debate about whether truth is absolute or relative, lots of people when asked will say they believe in absolute truth.  The test is not in the articulation or the sophistication of epistemological position.  The test is when one is confronted in situations when the demand for truth telling is apparent. I suppose all of us don’t want to be liars (okay, most of us 🙂 ), but a lot of us will find it hard to state things as it is.

Truth telling, courage and trust . . .  these three have been on my mind with intensity for 48hours.

My coffee is finished.  Looks like my random thoughts have finished too.

I’ve resigned from work in order to move from one job to another.  Yesterday, was the first time I’ve resigned from a position. It doesn’t feel good.  But I know it’s right.

BTW, don’t read too much into the random thoughts . they are random thoughts!

There are real contexts for the thoughts but everything above is jumbled up.  🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve done a “random thoughts” post!

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