Interview with Satan on his views about church

Ever since reading The Screwtape Letters, I’ve always found the use of fiction and comedy a powerful way of opening up our minds to reconsider much more serious matters.

I showed this clip during last Sunday’s message, enjoy it and think.  No offense intended for those who are not use to this kind of approach.

Some adaptation can be made in a Malaysian context too . I will leave that to your imagination πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Interview with Satan on his views about church

  1. z says:

    fun video, sivin.:) i would love to hear more about how not to get so outraged with some of the christians in our circles–after all, i’m often convinced that my opinions are very right given the circumstantial evidence.

    how do you relate to christians who might conceivably say to you, “oh but the ISA has nothing to do with the gospel”? they are convinced of it. but you–i hope–are convinced otherwise.

    i do think that in these circumstances, we should still be loving and we should not break off relationships. but it’s also difficult because i find that most of the christians who do speak their minds without fear of offending others are those who are most politically conservative.


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  3. Bob K says:

    If the ISA has nothing to do with the Gospel, then I reckon the Gospel has nothing to do with righteousness, and justice, and reconciliation. The Gospel would then have nothing to do with the writings and teachings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels or the fulfillment of the Word of God as recorded in the Old Testament.

    So what exactly is the Gospel? That we are saved and merely meant to milk the world until our ticket to the hereafter?

    I dunno, maybe this old song has been a worst influence on me then I originally thought ..

    They say that I’m a dreamer, blind and cannot see
    That life consists of living only to earn money
    Well, if that’s what I am, Lord, won’t you care for me?
    I only want to be like the man from Galilee

    They say I am an idealist, blind and cannot see,
    That the principles I cling to won’t stand reality,
    Well, if that’s what I am, Lord. Won’t you care for me?
    I only want to be like the Man of Galilee.

    I want to walk like, I want to talk like.
    I want to be like the Man of Galilee.

  4. z says:

    my question wasn’t really about the gospel, which i agree has everything to do with truth, justice, and reconciliation. my question has to do with how we relate to ppl who have different ideas about what the gospel might mean. πŸ™‚

  5. Bob K says:

    It was a hypothetical question seeking a hypothetical answer πŸ˜€

  6. Sivin Kit says:

    okay .. lively discussion here between the Academic and the Activist – whom both believe that the Gospel has everything to do with truth, justice and reconciliation.

    So for starters, we are on the same page thus far.

    now back to z’s question, “how do we relate to ppl who have different ideas about what the gospel might mean?”

    For me, the first thing it does is that it challenges me to articulate what I understand what the Gospel means as clear as I can, as confidently as I can, as humbly as can, but knowing it might come to a point that we will part ways in our understanding.

    Theologically, I would see our relationship primarily based on What God has done in our lives through Christ and not based on our agreement on our detailed understanding of the Gospel and especially not in our articulation of it. Last Sunday, I based my sermon on Ephesians 4:1-16. So, it’s interesting to note what or more precisely who unites us.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that the content of our faith is irrelevant. I’ve grown to believe there are some ways of articulating the Gospel which is more faithful to the whole narrative and presentation of the “Gospel” – good-news-message-revelation of God, and there are ways that reduce it either too private or only public. All of us are prone to be pulled by one pole or the other depending on context and circumstances.

    Thus, a bit of grace and space might be helpful for each of us to work things out as we mature and grow.

    On a practical level, I’ve come to a place to “let go” and let others “be”. We might engage in heated debate or discussion. Positions might be sharpened or hardened, but I try to guard myself from fellowship or relationship. I might still think they are absolutely wrong, just in a way they would me. As long as I’m not harassed or bombarded until I’m too tired to carry on the conversation, I try. But there have been times, I have said, “enough is enough”, our energies should be put to better use. This is where we might want to decide how we want to spend or time and energies.

    A “bigger perspective” or may I say “kingdom perspective” is helpful to keep me in check. I think we will one day have the final answers to the details we wrestle with either internally or with one another.

    sometimes, the best way is to give the other person space, hopefully we get some space too. Especially when it comes to theological meaning stuff. But let’s face it, when it comes to living together and serving for the good of the world, we don’t have to work out everything in detail before we can reflect Christ, right?

    So, for me … sometimes working with a Christian who totally disagrees with me on what the Gospel means is almost like partnering with an Atheist or someone from another faith in acts of mercy, justice and other “right” stuff which I feel God has called us to do.

    Does that help?

  7. z says:

    thank you, sivin, for taking the time to give such a thoughtful answer, and yes, it does help. trust the pastor to build a bridge between the academic-of-sorts and the activist. πŸ™‚

  8. Sivin Kit says:

    Z – I realized for the sentence where I said, “but I try to guard myself from fellowship or relationship.” I meant – “but I try to guard myself from CUTTING fellowship or relationship.” πŸ˜›

    I’m glad you found it helpful.

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