To Kapit with Love

“How many anak Bangsa Malaysia must die before you are moved?” asks Haris Ibrahim yesterday. It’s still relevant today! Please read on and then do something . .

“The children are the most badly affected by the food shortage”.

Read the rest of this report in the Staronline.

That report, whilst mentioning that Father Sylvester Ding, who is coordinating getting aid to those in need of the same, had said that people could send their donations in kind to the Miri Carmelite Chapel, does not give details as to how contributions could be sent.


I have asked for bank account details and / or the full postal address to which contributions might be sent and will post those details here the soonest I receive the same.

People, if you hold to the spirit of One People, One Nation, then you must see these starving children in the remote Kapit Division in central Sarawak as your own.

As you read this, you would have probably already had your first meal for the day.

Get your office mates to join you and skip lunch today, pool the money that you would have saved from that missed meal and get ready to send it out to our children in Sarawak.

The little pangs of hunger you will feel will be more than offset by the sense of fullness you will derive from knowing that the meal you missed is on its way to a little one who hasn’t eaten anything of substance in days.

Update at 5.05pm : Just got off the phone with Father Sylvester Ding. He has provided the details for those who wish to send love to the anak-anak Bangsa Malaysia in Kapit, Sarawak.

Account holder : St Francis Centre Belaga

Bank : Maybank, Bintulu branch, Sarawak

Account No. : 011065307834

God bless all you good people.

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