LIVE: Choong Chee Pang 钟志邦 Seminar on “Public Theology” Day 1

My LIVE blogging will return with a greater challenge. Dr. Choong Chee Pang will speak on how Christians engage public issues theologically in Mandarin, and I will attempt translate on the spot if possible into English.  I don’t think I can manage too many verbatim stuff.  But let’s see how it will go.


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One thought on “LIVE: Choong Chee Pang 钟志邦 Seminar on “Public Theology” Day 1

  1. Looks like a long day. Seems like today’s seminar was more into introducing public theology by drawing from history. As for Malaysia’s relevance, we are still yet to see a robust and constructive theology to deal with the Islamic context, multi-cultural communities, and Public Theology in the local church and academy.

    I’m encouraged that such seminars are going on in Malaysia. And, again, it’s kind of you to translate and blog about it live 🙂

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