4 Responses to Glo: Experience the Bible like never before

  1. Soo inn says:

    It would have been wasted on me!! 🙂

  2. anna Koh says:

    looks interesting…. Do you know where we can check it out Sivin…. or the price?

  3. ken says:

    You can check it out at http://www.globible.com. It retails for $89 but you can buy it online there for $59. It’s for PC only at this time. Mac is supposed to be coming out in 2010. I’ve seen it on a PC and it is amazing!

  4. anna Koh says:

    hey thanks so much for the info Ken! Hmmm… i do wanna save the RM30 but i sometimes worry about buying stuff online. but will let my hubby know, let him order it online. hehehehe….

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