Malaysian National Christian Youth Leaders Assembly 2009: Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith


December 11-14, 2009
Jalan Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur



Theme : The Challenge of Our Generation : A Call to Urgent Action – Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith

CCM Youth is fully committed to supporting the full and meaningful participation and empowerment of Christian youth, seeking to bring together prominent Christian youth leaders active in church, community and nation building, with youth policy and program makers at the national level. CCM Youth hopes to create a springboard that will allow youth leaders to learn, share experiences, ideas and aspirations, and to implement action plans to bring Christian values to the community and national life of Malaysia in efforts to build the kingdom of God and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

CCM Youth envisions Christian youth leaders to take on the role of being the prophetic voice of the youth to the nation, and provide the platform to :

  • Mobilize prominent Christian youth leaders into participation and empowerment the national level
  • Provide the space for dialogue between Christian youth leaders and policy makers and practitioners of best practices regarding youth participation and empowerment
  • Be fully equipped, share experiences, ideas and aspirations on the work of faith and justice and design new initiatives for working together
  • Discern the signs of the times, and covenant together a commitment to facilitate positive change in the nation
  • Facilitate stronger youth presence through the formation of a national youth strategy and through the development and implementation of NexGen Action Goals
  • To create a unique ecunemical networking experience and foster unity in the body of Christ

Who should attend
CCM invites Christian youth leaders, i.e. students, working professionals and church workers, from ages 18 to 35 years old from around Malaysia who want to make a difference in the community and the nation. We aim to provide you with the platform to grapple with the challenges of the present and actively seek practical ways to contribute to the achievement and development of NexGen Action Goals

This inaugural Assembly intends to become an annual major gathering of Christian young people as well as specialized keynote speakers and workshop leaders from the Malaysian Christian community to learn about and become involved with programs that address global and local issues network among a large ecumenical group in attendance become engaged and empowered to take leadership roles in their churches and communities

    Event Agenda Draft

    Day 1 (Friday)
    Time Session
    2:00 – 6:00pm         Arrival of Delegates
    6:00pm                   Dinner
    7:00pm                   Introduction of Delegates and Work Groups
    7:30pm                   Welcome by Youth Moderator (Ms. Chrisanne Chin)
    7:35pm                   Welcome by CCM Chairman (Rev Thomas Philips)
    7:45pm                   Opening Devotion and Welcome Message
    The challenge for this generation (1 Chronicles 12:32 – Discerning the Times as  Sons of Issachar) (Bishop Ng Moon Hing, CFM Chairman)
    8.30pm                  Special Program : Dialogue with Christian Representatives from Pakatan Rakyat
    Current Issues and Challenges Affecting the Nation
    Moderator : Rev Dr Hermen Shastri, CCM General Secretary
    Speakers : Edward Ling, PR (+ more to be listed)
    10:00pm               "Boiler Room" Prayer
    The Call for a Malaysian Youth Prayer Festival
    Speaker and Prayer Leader : Yoshua Chua, Malaysia Youth Prayer Gathering
    11:30pm               Close
    Day 2 (Saturday)
    Time Session

    7:00am                  Morning Call
                                 Personal Quiet Time & Prayer
    8:00am                  Breakfast
    8:45am                  Workship
    9:00am                  Morning Devotion
    Our Utmost for His Highest
    Speaker : Bishop Dr Philip Lok
    9:15am                  Keynote Address
    The Call to Urgency : Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith
    Keynote Speaker : Bishop Hwa Yung
    10:15am                Q&A
    10:30am                Tea Break
    10:45am                Plenary Session 1
                                 Youth Empowerment and Participation : Beyond Rhetoric and Slogans
    Moderator : Rev Dr. Hermen Shastri
    Speakers : Tricia Yeoh, Hannah Yeoh, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam
    11:45am                Q&A
    12:00pm                Plenary Session 2
    Christian Citizenship in an Unjust World
    Moderator : Rev Sivin Kit
    Speakers : Andrew Khoo
    KJ John, OHMSI
    1:00pm                  Q&A
    1:15pm                  Lunch Break
    1:50pm                  Overview of Teach-In Workshops for Global Action
    2:00pm                  Teach-In Workshop for Global Action 1 (choose either one)

    Teach-In 1 : A Call to Action on Stewardship of Creation : Bringing a Voice to the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit
    Hosted by : Malaysian Nature Society
                                  Speaker : 
    Teach-In 2 : Understanding  Nuclear Energy and its Impact on Environment and Weaponry
    Hosted by : Shadrach Energy
    Speaker : Dr Mark Lovatt
    3:00pm                 Teach-In Workshop for Global Action 2 (choose either one)

    Teach-In 3 : The Call to Social Engagement and Community Building : Poverty, Education and Indigenous Work
    Hosted by : Malaysian CARE
    Speaker : Wong Young Soon
    Teach-In 4 : Bringing the Gospel to the Community and to the Nations
    Hosted by : Alpha Malaysia
    Speaker : Jonathan Tse
    4:00pm                 Tea Break
    4:15pm Teach-In Workshop for Global Action 3 (choose either one)

    Teach-In 5 : Stop the Human Trafficking – Start Freedom
    Hosted by :
    Speaker : Alice Nah
    Teach-In 6 : Islamisation of Society and Inter-faith Engagement
    Hosted by : The Micah Mandate
                                 Speaker : Rev Sivin Kit
    5:15pm NexGen Action Goals ! Work Group Session 1
    The Call to Urgency : Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith
                                 From Awareness to Action : Strategic Planning and Action Plans
    First Draft and Presentation Slides Preparation
                                 Facilitator : Chrisanne Chin, CCM Youth Moderator
    6:30pm                  Break
    7:15pm                  Dinner
    8:15pm                  Evening Worship
    8:30pm                  Special Program : Dialogue with Christian Representatives from Barisan Nasional
    Current Issues and Challenges Affecting the Nation – The Christian Youth and Nation Building
                                 Moderator : Rev Sivin Kit
                                 Speakers : Dato Seri VK Liew
    IS Bernard Dompok
    9:30pm                 Q&A
    9:45pm                 NexGen Action Goals! Work Group Session 2
    The Call to Urgency : Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith
                                Collaboration and Strategy Formation – Debate and Dialogue
                                Presentations by Work Groups

    10:45pm              Prayer
    11:00pm              Close
    Day 3 (Sunday)
    Time Session

    7:00am                    Morning Call
                                   Personal Quiet Time and Prayer
    7:30am                    Breakfast
    8:00am                    Trip to KL churches for Sunday Worship
    11:00am-4:00pm     Photography Competition – ONEMalaysia ScrapBook
                                   Tour of KL/Shopping – Free time
    5:00-6:00pm           NexGen Action Goals! Work Group Session 3
                                   Photography Competition – ONEMalaysia ScrapBook
                                   Group Collaboration and Slides Presentation
    7:00pm                   Dinner
    8:00pm                   Evening Praise and Thanksgiving
    8:15pm                   Evening Devotion
    – A Call to Discernment and Leadership : "Here am I, Send Me"
                                  Speaker : Yoshua Chua
    8:40pm                  ONEMalaysia ScrapBook Competition
    9:30pm                  Prize Giving
    9:45pm                  Praise and Prayer
    10:00pm                Close

    Day 4 (Monday)
    Time Session

    7:00am                    Morning Call
                                   Personal Quiet Time & Prayer
    8:00am                    Breakfast
    9:00am                    Morning Worship
    9:15am                    Morning Devotion
    The Call to Serve God’s People
    Speaker : Rev Ong Hwai Teik
    9:45am                    NexGen Action Goals! Work Group Session 4
    The Call to Urgency : Putting Justice at the Heart of Faith
                                   Final Action Plans and formation of Action Work Groups
    10:30am                  Tea Break
    10:45am                  Covenant Building and Next Steps
    11:45am                  Youth Statement – Drafting and Agreement
    12:30pm                 Anointing the "Sons of Issachar" – Work Group Teams, Leaders and EXCO Appointees
    12:45pm                 Commitment Song : To be "HIStoryMakers"
    1:00pm                   Closing Benediction
    1:15pm                   Lunch and Check Out
    2:00pm                   Departure of Delegates

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