Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) Call To Prayer: Reports On Attacks On Churches

Reports of Attacks on Churches

As reports come in of the various confirmed arson attacks on churches as a result of the High Court decision upholding the Constitutional right of Christians to use the word “ALLAH”, the Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) unreservedly condemns such irresponsible acts committed by people who are out to create terror and fear in the country.

At time like this we urgently call on the government to do everything possible to ensure the safety of Christians to worship freely. Firm action should be taken to apprehend these extremists.

The government must show zero tolerance for the use, threat or incitement, of violence as a means to pressure the decision of the court.

We also appeal to the King, the Council of Rulers and the Ulama to protect the safety of Christians against people who commit such acts in the name of religion.

Just as there are some extremists who are out to disrupt the peace and inter-religious harmony in our country, we know there are a great majority of people of all faiths who are willing to stand together and promote mutual respect, inter-religious understanding, and championing common values of love and peace, in the spirit of 1Malaysia.

To this end, the CCM calls on all Churches to remain calm and offer special prayers this month for unity and peace in the country.


  ” In the midst of religious plurality, which can cause suspicion and hatred within communities, kindle your light O God, in the hearts of all peoples to honor each other as your children, born in your image, to respect each other’s beliefs, to end the use of religion to exercise political and social power, to stop discrimination and division based on religion.

In Your mercy, we pray your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

In Christ’s name – AMEN


General Secretary

8th January 2010

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