Inside Story – Religious violence in Malaysia


Peace and reconciliation is needed, but not in the absence of truth and transparency.  It was never about Christians in conflict with Muslims, it was always about the struggle between the Government and the Church (and other faith communities including Muslims who do not subscribe to narrow articulation of Islam). In this case, it was about the Home Ministry and the Herald.  Of course, there are wider implications emerging for all the specifics which affects us all.

At level of the common relationships between people of different faiths, there have been in fact signs of greater cooperation and solidarity on a variety of issues. Many Muslims and Muslim NGOs have spoken up against violence, and the need for better understanding and respect through civil dialogue. The fact is many of us have experience how enriching this kind of engagement even in the midst of our differences and even disagreements.

The phrase stuck in my head since the Dec 31 high court judgment and the recent attacks and everything else surrounding it.

"It’s not between "you and me", it’s between "us and them" "

Most of "us" (the "you and me" who want a better Malaysia and working hard from all spheres) are on the same page, but some of "them" (those for personal gain and for reasons they know themselves) seem to have a different idea of how things should be.

Thus, at the level of the common people like us and civil society at large in relation to our elected government and officials,  We find ourselves very often ignored, not taken seriously or pressured to a corner. The God-honoring way is the way of truth.  Because truth and peace goes together. If not it’s gonna be cheap peace.  But many have paid the high price towards genuine peace which is long term.

Note: Please observe closely how each each interviewee responds. It’s very clear . there’s no confusion  about the matter. 

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