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Chris Chew

Chris Chew

The reason why the churches went to court is seek the reason WHY the word is banned without even a dialogue by the KDN. If you search through the news, KDN just issued and banned the usage after it was lifted in 2003. It’s being used as a political ploy to ‘rile’ folks like you and me. It’s a set-up, don’t play into their hands.

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim

Allah – Issue of faith and law. Sh alQardawi, Wahbah Zuhaili, Sh Taha, Maulana Ihsan – affirmed the view that "Allah" may be used by non Muslims ( particularly Jews and Christians). This view must transcend narrow political considerations

‘Welcome to 1Malaysia, 2Bibles’

The buzz of opinions continues.

Allah debate: Jury is still out

But perhaps the verdict for many who are able to see through the politics of it all, is very clear.

‘Allah’ issue splits Malay community

Noteworthy point.

As Azmi noted, the fault line in the Malay community has always been along political loyalties, rather than theological differences. In other words, most Malays think alike on religious issues.

But the debate changed after opposition Islamic party PAS issued a statement that there was no prohibition on Christians using ‘Allah’.

Since then, there has been hardly any PAS dissent. It could be party discipline – or it could be, as Azmi believes, the result of information provided to party members.

“The reasoned views will be found in places like Harakah (PAS’ newspaper), and so it’ll be PAS supporters getting the information,” he said. “Malay opinion can be shifted if there’s debate, but the problem is that this is now too limited.”

WCC expresses solidarity with churches under attack in Malaysia

Thank you, World Council of Churches (WCC)

In a 13 January solidarity letter to the churches in Malaysia, the World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit expressed deep concern and profound sorrow about recent attacks against church buildings in the country following a controversy over the right of Christians to use the term "Allah" to refer to God.

The controversy "generated by a small sector of Muslims" in the country is "very disturbing", Tveit said, especially as "Christians in majority Muslim countries all over the world, including [Malaysia’s] neighbouring country Indonesia, have used the word ‘Allah’ for God for centuries".

Tveit expressed hope that "immediate action" is taken "by both the government and civil society to resolve the conflict, in order to avoid renewed hostilities and escalation of violence". He also found it heartening that "numerous Islamic organizations and leaders have publicly condemned these wanton acts of a small group of people".

Several church buildings have recently been attacked in Malaysia following a High Court ruling last month allowing non-Muslims to use the word "Allah" to refer to God. Muslim radical groups see this as a Christian subterfuge to win converts from Islam. The government has appealed the High Court decision.

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