Random Thoughts After Being Missing from Blogging


The main reason I’ve been missing is because I’m writing my Masters of Theology Thesis.  It’s hard work, and for now it consumes my waking and my dreaming.  But since it’s on Trinitarian Theology, at least I can say I’ve been seriously meditating on God, and have not lost my mind yet!

It’s been good but it’s been tough too.  The kids are patient, my wife is extra amazing and tolerant.  I had to work out at least three writing venues within the house.  I think the final one with a round table will be where I’m quarantined during this Chinese New Year.

1000 thousand apologies if I don’t show up for gatherings this year.  I have a deadline to keep.  But after the first draft is out I think I will revert to more human activity.

Lots of other side projects have come to mind.  But the main value of this exercise has been disciplining my mind from wandering. Focus has always been a challenge for me. At least, when it comes to writing.  In this case academic writing.

I was surprised at some spiritually energizing moments here and and there especially when something just pops up and surprises me or when convergence occurs.

I’m just happy there aren’t any “new” places of worship vandalized again after a horrible first two weeks in January.  There were many redemptive moments.  But seriously, for this kind of assault on religious communities to happen in Malaysia. Tragic and sad 🙁

Google Buzz was a minor distraction just when I got my Facebook and Twitter distractions in check.

To eat out or eat at home now that is the question.

The weather is terribly hot!

Nice to see two of the kids having a great nap.  And big bro Gareth at ease.

Finished reading more Miroslav Volf stuff.  Will print more and devour them for tonight and then back to more writing.

Of course, a needed skype appointment will be a welcome interruption. Life is ultimately about relationships with people more than ideas.  And even if I’m working through ideas, they first came from people.  so full cycle.

Okay.  At least I managed to do a blog post.

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