Random Thoughts on Tuesday Morning

sivin_sketch  What will the future hold?  That is the question which occupies the minds of some people I know.

Sitting here with Ewan and keying some of these thoughts,right now it’s focused on now and not the future.

It was encouraging to know that I do have regular readers of this blog 🙂 and better still when I meet them face to face.

So, I’m motivated to blog once again. More words than mere pictures.

Random thoughts has always been the easier route to re-enter.  It’s a kind of free-flowing exercise.

It’s important that it’s REALLY random and one paragraph may have nothing to do with another.

Active waiting is quite a patience cultivating exercise. We wait and yet we’re still actively doing something which may or may not be related to what we are waiting for.  sitting still and doing nothing has it’s place, especially when it’s a needed pause after a long run,  But I realized that while waiting I don’t have to stop walking.

How one would wish that nightmares like this won’t happen again in my wake.  But reality bites.  One of the most painful things for anyone is to be lied to and betrayed. We offer grace and readiness to embrace the other.  But at the end, actual embrace requires the other to respond to the one who has shown the will to embrace.

Somehow Ewan’s presence with me is comforting, he has a gift. He like my other children Gareth and Elysia has been gifts to May Chin and I.  The conversation last night was interesting as I heard of the idea that there are those who have decided not to have children for thought through agreed upon reasons.Our culture in Malaysia in general, might frown on this thought but then so often we just tag along what’s the norm without thinking through what we do as norms.

This doesn’t mean one is better than the other.  The question merely is why do we do what we do?  What is the effects of our choices?  What is the kind of life we want to live?  How does this lifestyle serve as a blessing to others?  The questions abound.  But these are not just questions for those who choose differently.  It’s questions for ALL at any given stage.

As usual, the week has begun with a good rest, but also mixed with some highs and lows. The highs are great, but its the lows that slows us down. Apparently, today I’ve been getting some Star Wars greetings, how we wish we could use some Jedi-mind tricks on those whom we know for sure they are making the wrong moves.  But then again, each needs to bear the consequences of their choices.  Sadly, it’s often those who did not have the chance to choose yet who are most severely affected.

I’m out of random thoughts right now.  Will switch to prayer mode. There’s often more pain in the world – the world outside of our comfort zones – than we’re willing to admit. There are real battles out there. Sadly, some have surrendered prematurely.

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