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BBC Live coverage – General Election 2010

This has been my one stop to following what has happened in the UK 2010 elections. funny how I came in to this later, but the way things are reported it’s terribly educational!

Q&A: Electoral reform and proportional representation

I first heard of the concept of proportional representation from my friend Josh Hong. Will Malaysia head there some day. It’s interesting to see how the different systems would change the outcome.

Would the alternative vote have changed history?

Fascinating relook at history.

Lessons from coalitions in working it out

Interesting to take a more global view. Looks like we can never be parochial in our thinking.

Where They Stand: What the parties say on the big issues:

Just back track a bit.  While I don’t fully understand UK Politics, but I do appreciate how informative this page is on issues that the parties stand for.

First-time voter

Now even further back to the basics. So while looking across the ocean, as Malaysians we need to look back at ourselves.

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