Random Links 389 on #UK New Government

Gordon Brown: ‘Thank you and goodbye’

What would you say if you had to say “Thank you and goodbye”?

David Cameron is UK’s new prime minister

The youngest prime minister in recent UK History. There seems to be a trend here since Obama.

Ninety minutes that made history

This has a movie like ending, or perhaps more precisely a beginning. of course, a media analysis would have been interesting as I enjoyed following the reports last night on how in a way, people were prepared for this moment.

Tory-Lib Dem coalition: Now for the difficult part

This is where reality begins. Beneath the speeches which gives the broad vision and ideas, what’s the details and implementation?

Q&A: Tory-Lib Dem alliance

Another example of the excellent work of BBC reporting and educating on and after the elections. 

* * *

My immediate impressions after doing these two random links posts on UK with relevance for Malaysia, is that in the past, we had a Look East policy especially in terms of economy, maybe we might need to look West again in terms of politics. There have been a treasure chest of lessons from our friends in the UK.

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