Random Thoughts Far Away from Home


Listening to Ewan so excited about his
“Toy Story” puzzle brought a smile on my face.

Sometimes there’s a strange awkward silence around the dinner table, and it makes you wonder what on earth is floating in people’s minds.

Why is the air conditioning so cold in hotels?

Can someone stop playing the same saxophone music over and over again?

No one likes conflict, but then we are often put in situations where we need to confront someone or a scenario head on. We know we need to do it, but how?

Wisdom is a rare commodity. Acting dumb is easier.

I must have been pretty exhausted to actually manage to nap in the crammed up seat on an Air Asia flight.

The blessed bonus was to read a pretty on  good short book on eternal life and eschatology.  These Catholic theologians can write!

These easy listening music is really hard on my ears.

I like train rides. There’s something unhurried about the whole journey. My mind is drawn back to some memories of my first train ride experience in Germany all by myself.  It was fun!

Arrghhh! The music here is driving me nuts!!!!

I’m going to really appreciate silence.

In fact some inner silence will help me in the coming hours and days.

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