Raising the Heart and Mind to God

If I have ever neglected Sacred Space and make a return, I’m always delighted by a needed surprise. Today it is the following:

The catechism definition of prayer is useful: the raising of the heart and mind to God. Not that we need a definition. Prayer is something we do in our own way. We breathe, smile and metabolise food, without defining the operations; so too with prayer. But we can consciously put ourselves in the way of prayer.

Quieten the body: one traditional method is to sit with the backbone straight, from your bottom to the top of your head, the eyes half-closed, the breathing slow and easy, the hands on your lap with the palms facing upwards in openness to Godís gifts. Then we aim to become present to God as God is always present to us. God has ears to listen to what our heart is saying.

I just sat up straight and started the process like I’m learning it from the beginning. This simple practice has helped me keep my sanity in my often insane schedule and life. Beyond the spiritual exercise, it’s the confidence that God is present and I’m actually in communication (and better in communion) with the divine.

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