Bridge Over Calm Waters In Kristiansand

I’ve been waking up quite early since coming to the “North” Smile Of course, Monday was full of new experiences, new encounters, and new contacts. 

My host from the Institute for Religion, Philosophy and History, University of Agder (UiA) has been very hospitable and helpful. So, I got a pretty good birds eye view and orientation of Kristiansand and UiA.

It was nice to have a typical Norwegian dinner with a Norwegian family in a Norwegian home to wrap up my Monday!! Of course, as a good Malaysian I did the necessary tourism pitch LOL, and being a good citizen I tried my best to introduce and explain the Malaysian context.

The lunch time earlier was simple food.  I had a salad (which is rare!).  The informal chit-chat session was very good with a chance to share and listen to one another.  And for me it was nice to get a good briefing on my first PhD seminar next year 2011.  Looks like I would need to get some “work” done by December or latest January.  It was good to know that some of the reading I have done through the years now is bearing fruit.  At least I can grasp as much as I can what is being talked about.  Even the name Stephen Toumlin was not strange to my ears! Smile 

Skype has been great to keep me connected with the Kit Kids and my long-suffering wife! But it’s also been funny for me to chat with May Chin using Google chat when we can’t Skype.

Looks wet outside, so I wonder whether the temperature will be colder today.  It’s been good to come in Autumn and experience the changing color of the leaves first in London, now in Kristiansand.  It’s so good to come during a “normal” period not during the peak summer holidays.

Will be off to breakfast soon. The big question now is to walk or to take a bus. Smile I wonder whether I will look slimmer when I return to Malaysia. ROFL.

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