Random Thoughts before I pick up two suitcases

It’s great to have Ewan leaning behind me. I like the closeness.  The Intimacy.

I’m also testing out for the first time the “Full screen” function in the Microsoft Office for Mac in Word.  I like it.  It totally blocks out distractions.

Had a tough moment trying to handle the tensions at home between the kids.  As parents it not easy to play the mediator role and at the same time attempt to be an educator as well.

* * *

Managing the morning “water crisis” today was a challenge.  I must confess I was pretty upset overall.  After a full round, at the end I was angry with myself.  And therefore, I decided to redirect my energies towards solving the problem which ultimately originated by my own carelessness.

There are times where one simply has to take responsibility and do what is needed.  No amount of shouting will make a difference.

It’s not about having a Messiah complex.

It’s about letting the emotions settle, and focus on the problem at hand and deciding what to do about it.

I’m glad there was water the last time I checked with my “new” friends at the site.

* * *

So far, the whole week simply has been “FULL”. 

This is a season where it’s not by my own choice that it’s like this.  It’s the reality of living in a world where there are variables that we are not in control.

What can we do?  What should we do?

Do something even if we can’t do everything. 

Paying some attention on ourselves is important less we land up sick and immobilized.  But at the end, we cannot be overwhelmed by what’s going on outside of us, or sucked into the inner turmoil which might accompany a life out of control.

* * *

This “Full Screen” mode is pretty good.  I like it.

And I get an idea what one page of writing  looks like.  So far so good.

Now when is windows going to do a “Windows Live Writer” for Mac? J

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