8 Responses to 107: Velkommen, Anja Kit Kye Ern 郭楷恩

  1. joshuawoo says:

    No wonder you have been sooooooo un-naturally quiet in the past two days 🙂

    Congrates! You & your wife really take the ‘cultural mandate’ literally huh… “multiply”

  2. Sivin Kit says:

    Good theology needs praxis! 🙂

  3. joshuawoo says:

    hahahahahaha… Have a great time with your family!

  4. Andrew says:

    Anja, welcome my dear to this earth which our Father created. May you find your home amongst your brothers and sisters here, even as you enjoy the haven of your Father’s kingdom. May God bless you, and others through you. May your life be filled with meaning and significance.

  5. Arms says:

    Hey there… found your blog through Blog Malaysia. I see you’re doing Project 365, I’m doing that too. But yours is much more interesting 😉 Nice to meet ya.

  6. buzzing j says:

    congratulations on another addition to the family. wow, four. beautiful family.

  7. Paul Long says:

    Nice family photo – real life!

  8. siuyea says:

    having these thoughts in my mind for some time. please help check if this brother is still in-step with the church, with these in mind to say?

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