July 04, 2005

Post- Charismatic?

Jason sparked off a great conversation here plus a wonderful follow up (as if he was reading my mind) here

I sat down today listening to some people genuinely "burnt" by "charismania" and raising important questions. It's very tempting to be drawn backward and become anti-emotional or closed to the best that the Charismaric renewal has given us. It's also very tempting to become bitter because of the hurts and even "over critical" that get's us entangled in a way that we can't free ourselves to move forward.

I felt today ... I was tempted in both ways as I listened to some who are going through some "struggles" I had before. I had to keep myself "very consciously" in check and learn how to "listen" to their stories and concerns as well as "discern" possible scenarios we could envision or baby steps we could take first to help the ones who are "struggling" to be at ease and begin moving forward. And secondly, see how we can relate to those whom are "sold out" on specific forms of "Charismatic" expressions and subcultures that perhaps have now become harmful rather than helpful. We walk this path cautiously and carefully.

Len Hjalmarson adds his voice in Post-charismatic? and I could see some helpful observations and correctives here in the article Renewal: the Hype, the Hope and the Reality

Posted by sivinkit at July 4, 2005 01:33 AM

In my short time here in blogland I've seen a lot of "post-_____" stuff. It seems there are no shortage of people who have been burnt by any number of "old-school" traditiions, be they "charasmatic", "seeker-sensative", "Presbyterian" or "Catholic". I wonder, in 25 years, will the "emerging/post" crowd be spinning off a group of people who they have hurt? a "post-post" church. I suppose it's inevitable, people being what they are.

I guess I'm lucky, I haven't been burned by the things I am emerging from, and consequently I'm inclined to return to them, critiquing them, and possibly being used by the Spirit to transform them; not into perfection, but simply into what they are supposed to be for that day-month-year-decade.

I hope many of you will do the same.

Thanks Sivin; for leading the way, for transforming the old. : )

Posted by: David at July 5, 2005 01:52 AM
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