Friend or Enemy?

A public figure with 'former' in front of his previous job blurs out a comment, perhaps expecting us to take him seriously. But why should we, when a quick google of his name pops up a 'triple correct video' that has publicly sent his credibility down the drain.

Though easily distracted, we don't – and we shouldn't – forget easily.

Malaysians are friendly people, and in most cases we are good friends with with each other, or at least have the potential to be life long friends with anyone.

This appears to be another round to turn us into enemies, what he did then in private, and now doing in public is still: 'wrong, wrong, wrong'!


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Revisiting is Good Practice

Revisiting is good practice because so often I miss the treasures when I'm in a hurry.

Last night, I revisited Luther and reason; and both surprised me. This morning, a detour to think about research programmes helped to refine the way I look at my work. The last one week, it was good to return to old 'emergent conversations' that have now become for me 'friends in conversation'.

After these 'revisits'', I head back on track hopefully with a brighter vision, and richer wisdom for the long road ahead.


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Minority Alien

I spoke with a 'minority alien' today. The content of our chat spurred me to question whether 'minority' is simply about numbers, and the word 'alien' – at first sight – doesn't necessarily mean a visitor from another planet. Memories of 'minority' voices from two contrasting countries engaged in dialogue flashed back like it was yesterday. Intervening from another time travel moment, how could I forget the faces of the 'aliens' who as far as some were concerned: non-existent? 'Minority' and 'alien' then are really cries of people to draw our attention to their right to exist, or to put in another way, the reality of fellow humans being denied the right to exist.


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Five Sentences

How much can I say in five sentences? It depends whether what I string together is well formulated, crisp, clear and meaningful. But the inner critic haunts me that English is not my first language; Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, and even a bit of Norwegian floats in my head. It's inherently multicultural and multilingual with all its imperfections. Write first, fear later.


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