Do you care about internet freedom? On 14 August 2012, the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) invites all netizens and online organisations to support Internet Blackout Day.

It’s the next big step for the Stop 114A campaign. Much like the U.S. Blackout to oppose the SOPA bill, this effort will focus on educating Malaysians about the negative impact of the new amendment.

We invite you to join us and upload a pop-up to your website on 14 August for 24 hours. Please refer to ourGet Involved page, where you can find all the campaign tools you’ll need to support and participate in the blackout.

We urge you to support internet freedom in our country. Please write to CIJ Malaysia at or call Masjaliza Hamzah at 03-4024 9840 for further assistance.

As of today, we have the following internet sites on board:

• Free Malaysia Today
• Malaysiakini
• Digital News Asia
• The Nut Graph
• Harakah Daily
• Keadilan Daily
• Nat Tan
• Niki Cheong
• myAsylum
• Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan (KPRU)
• Research for Social Advancement, Relevant Facts, Sparkling Analysis (REFSA)
• Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
• Aliran
• BFM Radio
• LoyarBurok
• Anil Netto
• Tindak Malaysia
• Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)
• Lawyers for Liberty
• Perak Women for Women
• Sisters in Islam

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Random Thoughts on a Cloudy Saturday Afternoon

Let's see whether I can get back to a blogging rhythm again 🙂

I suppose I need to learn about how holidays mean holidays. It's quite futile to switch back into working mode after entering into the relaxed zone. But I need to switch to work mode for the purpose of setting in a draft paper. Teaching point to myself: “You are changing as the clock ticks, and the way your mind and body functions is different. So, adapt accordingly and anticipate the future better!”

This leads me to think about how I've slowly come to discover afresh how I work best, and relax best. Some kind of discipline and approach has emerged as far as work in concerned, but I haven't refined the relaxation piece that well. Then there's also how both work and rest relates to each other. I'm soon touching 40. Sometimes I wonder when can I really 'get it'. Just when I think I do, then I realize that someting has changed. Either my surroundings or myself.

At different times and spaces, there's more control. My work space at the university would represent that 'location'. Home is quite a different ball game. There are four highly unique Kit Kids, each with their own needs and personalities, and in combination either in pairs or triads or a quartet, they drive me nuts! Of course, let's not forget the queen of the house, You don't wanna mess with the queen of the house, ROFL!

Then there's the difference between times when they are awake, and the solitude available when everyone is asleep. And of course, since moving to this 'new' apartment, even if the size is the same, the set up is vastly different so that's another 'physical' adjustment. In many ways, I think we underestimate how much our physical environment affects us. We are very much 'material' beings, and while some times it works, just sticking ear phones with mucis doesn't work all the time to send me to an 'ideal' state of consciousness.

Interruptions will always come, both macro – meso – micro. And I've got it by all in the last year plus. No book can provide the detailed solutions to all the pebbles or stones that came my way. It's nice to get a breather. Even for a little while. I do wonder when is the next one coming, but I don't hope for it to come.

Time for dinner, now that's an interruption I don't mind. 🙂

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Random Thoughts Mini-Come-Back


When I held Anja’s hand to help her practice her baby steps, my mind wandered briefly to think of how I needed all the help I could get to move along in my PhD journey, and overall life here in Norway. The help came in all sorts of shapes and sizes, genres and content, human and not-so human (e.g. Books).

In many ways, from the moment I landed till now, there have been so many occasions where I felt like a baby. I joked with my Norwegian colleagues how I was ‘born again’ when I finally got my ‘personal number’. Other times, it was obvious when I couldn’t communicate to a bus driver about the tickets, or when someone asks me a question when I’m walking to town. So that’s how Anja feels when she’s trying to ‘talk’ to us!

I think it’s only after one year, that we’ve really managed to take some baby steps a little bit more, but still we get lots of help. we can’t run yet, but as a family we are making progress.

Perhaps, the greatest challenge or feeling of insecurity was felt when we found out we had to ‘move’ out of our previous apartment at very short notice. It’s a long story but one thing occupied my mind, the importance of a roof over our head. The concept of ‘home’ came alive in a very ‘material’ way. The wrestling of inner thoughts in parallel with searching for practical solutions deepened my appreciation of how we theorizing in the face of the empirical experiences and reality. I could sit down and ‘ideally’ ponder on the idea of ‘home’ and it’s related concepts like security, relationships, rest, and so forth. But the urgency, the complexity, the ‘feel’ of the whole reflection process is by nature simply different compared to sitting at a coffee bar talking about the ‘homeless’.

Of course, we don’t have to experience precisely being ‘homeless’ to think about it. I recall some ‘interrupting’ moments after numerous visits and conversations with refugees in Malaysia, and digging deeper back into my childhood, memory fragments of insights from the Vietnamese became a reservoir to draw from. Our former neighbor here in Norway opened my horizon on the challenges coming from an Ethiopian experience.

I still stand by a motto I’ve used for some years, “jump first, fear later”. But that’s not the whole picture, often we “crash first, think later”. The first puts the weight on the jumper, the second places the light on what’s external and beyond our control. It’s not uncommon that the ‘crash, is the result of other people’s actions.

it’s nice to do this mini comeback random thoughts post. It started random, but landed with thoughts via themes that weren’t so random: baby steps – progression, home – security, reflection – the relationship between thinking and experience.


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Come Back Post?

I’ve been missing from this blog for a long time. So much has happened off-line and maybe in other social networking spheres I’ve been more active in.


Anyway, this post is a mini warm up come back. Let’s see how tomorrow will go.


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428 – Say a Prayer for Malaysia


On Saturday, April 28, many Malaysians will converge at the historic Dataran Merdeka in support of BERSIH’s call for a free and fair electoral system in Malaysia.

Even as I write, the authorities are preparing to lockdown the Dataran in their effort to thwart the plans of the BERSIH 3.0 supporters.

If this standoff continues until 12 pm tomorrow, there will only be one outcome, i.e. a repeat of the violent crackdown on the protestors by the police which happened in July 2011.

Many have asked whether I will participate in the BERSIH sit-in at Dataran Merdeka. Well, many are also aware of my personal conviction as far as BERSIH is concerned.

This message is neither to encourage our pastors and members to join the sit-in nor to discourage their participation. Rather, this is a humble call to you, as members and friends of the Lutheran Church, to say a prayer for our nation comes April 28. Malaysia is in dire need of your prayer support as she faces many uncertainties in the near future.

So, whether you are sitting on the manicured lawn of Dataran Merdeka, or stretched out comfortably in your sofa at home watching the events of the day unfold, I hope you will intercede for our country. Pray that goodness, justice, and peace will always prevail over extremism, racism, discrimination and other forms of evil. Pray for a better Malaysia.

Finally, I urge those who plan to be part of the human wave washing towards Dataran Merdeka tomorrow, please keep safe at all times. Also take care of the wellbeing of those around you.

May the risen Lord grant us the faith to face the challenges and the grace to love others.

Bishop Philip Lok

April 27, 2012

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Imagining My PhD Journey

Inspired by Chris Tilling’s Marking a pile of biblical studies essays, here’s my adaptation for my potential journey.  Since it’s not finished yet, I’ll use the word ‘potential’ to signify that. Smilefjes

* * *

When I started it feels like this, and on and off I wake up in horror feeling like this too!


Sometimes when I read my own ‘production’ I do this, hopefully my supervisors won’t have to do too much of it.


By the time I get into ‘editing’ mode, and perhaps the 50th revision, I enter this ‘zone’:


and this


When all this is over, I want to do this!


* * *

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