A Toast to Scholars!

Wow .. Thank God for expensive scholarship and cheap sales. I got the Zondervan Theological Dictionaries for both the Old testament and New testament for RM40 (about 10USD) only on 1 CD-Rom of course. I remember when there was a time when I thought all these studies were “useless” . But, today, I’m thankful for good scholarship that opens up more horizons in understanding God’s truth revealed in the written Word. Tha danger of being overwhelmed with knowledge and becoming big headed is ever present. And yet the danger of being big hearted while dishonouring God-given wisdom is equally destructive. I’m just suddenly thankful for Christian scholars who combine both with head and heart emphasis with such grace. I think cool headed Christians with warm hearts are a great bunch to be with and learn from. In times as unsettled as today, I don’t mind meeting a few more of them and introducing them to others.

A toast to Christian Scholars who’ve played some part in my formation – Hwa Yung (those Christian Theology classes were awesome), Herman Shastri (sparked my love for Church history), Ezra Kok (those chit-chat sessions and lunches are stirring), Herbert Tan (gently build a strong appreciation for Christian education in me), John Kleinig (the Psalms and the rest of wisdom literature was never the same after his classes), NT Wright (wow, this guy blows my mind on Paul and Jesus), Clark Pinnock (quite able to stretch us indeed – pressing issues), Stanley Grenz (keeps me plugged into a bigger picture with little or almost no “argumentative” spirit), Roger Olson (Church History was never so much of fun!), Richard Jensen (gave me an appreciation of Luther and my heritage), Eugene Peterson (especially in my third year as pastor of BLC), Richard Foster (since STM days – what a great guide in spirituality), Dallas Willard (leaves plenty for me to chew on), Carl Braaten & Robert Jenson (those Eerdmans thin books were great mainline perspectives), Craig Keener (getting me on track again on the Spirit), Max Turner (laying good foundations on the Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts), Greg Boyd (phew! this guys on fire with spiritual warfare!), Gordon Fee (made exegesis such a spiritually rewarding venture) Leonard Sweet (introduced me to this Postmodern shift plus lots of fancy info), Paul Scott Wilson (changed the way i preached forever!), Robert Webber (paints beautiful theological landscapes for me to explore – esp. Ancient Future Faith & Younger Evangelicals), Leslie Newbigin (not too sure whether he’s in the catergory of a scholar technically .. but to me he brought head, heart and hand (i.e. practical) issues together in Missiological thinking anyway),

ahh … there are so many I may have missed (I’ve tried hard to re-call), and there are many more to come … hmm.. tomorrow, I might want to give a toast to pastors and mentors … the more “hands” on folk!

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