Sequels … Anger vs. Faith

Wow .. what a season of movie sequels. Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions is coming (really looking forward for those two). My church member reminded me of Terminator Three on the way. I couldn’t wait so I dragged a pretty tired body to Watch X2 (the X men sequel). Its impact on me was less than when I watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, especially at an emotional level. But Nightcrawler’s “Teletransporting” was cool … I liked a conversation he had with Storm in the X-Men Jet. She was talking about how anger is keeping her going (something like that) but Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) said that Faith can do that (i think he said something like that) hehe

well, ANGER is a powerful force indeed. And I can recall how many times this was crucial in the changes I made for myself as well as the work that I do. Sometimes, the results were good. I’mean at least things were moving. Other times, it just didn’t last. And “Anger” just wears people down, for the long run its too tiring …. FAITH however is something deeper … it’s not so “reactive” to something but I think its “responsive” because when i’m Angry it’s usually because of some adverse circumstance but I feel I’m “responsive” to someone .. in my case .. GOD.

At one point when I swimming in the “Faith Movement” (swallowing as much “faith” teaching by a segment of Christianity), I associated it more with getting healed, moving mountains, prayers to be answered, and calling forth things to happen (I still think there’s a valid place for some of that). But now, I think it runs deeper than that … Faith is RISK, yes a RISK in RELATIONSHIP .. thus trust is important, and confidence in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit’s leadership. It’s about my response to Someone … not Something – whether it’s an event, or a request or a desire inside me. Faith in GOD is also a whole Atmosphere and Environment I live in not just a force I need when I’m in trouble.

And in our recent emphasis in BLC … I’m re-looking at the Holy Spirit (because we’re working through the Acts of the Apostles together.) We are a unique church since we all come from such a diverse background, many unchurched (never heard of any of the debates Christians have), others from Roman Catholic families, Brethrens and Baptists (have been welcomed), others from the Pentecostal church background (where they always hear about a specific version of the Holy Spirit), and one or two from the Methodist upbringing, a new couple from Australian flavored Lutheranism (by the liturgy book you know! hehe), and of course the younger Lutherans where most of us originally come from( who have already sensitized by the work of the Spirit plus experienced some bit of human weaknesses). I believe the Holy Spirit has been working in all of us all this while and now refining us.

Personally, making my re-entry through a Pentecostal church (spent 2 years there) is part of who I am, growing up in a Charismatic Lutheran Church (much of my time learning to serve and the go fulltime) is part of who i am. Hanging out with my friends who are part of the Pentecostal/Charismatic Tradition in Christianity is often fun as well (I’m still doing it). But, often I became angry with some weird excesses I saw along that journey, and that pushes me away from aligning myself too close with the term “Charismatic”. My Seminary days opened up my horizon to a wider and enriching Christianity. Each of us have a different story to tell … However, recently I’m reminded that the saying is true – “the answer to abuse is not no use but right use” (thus I have no problem seeing myself as a “Charismatic” as one who’s open to the work of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual gifts .. don’t forget the fruit!). I just need to watch out when I’m in danger of becoming bitter human being if I always operate through “Anger”. I hope to be a better human being when I truly live in the context of “Faith” – i desire to REALLY genuinely open up myself to the work of the Holy Spirit. I feel we’re part of God’s TRILOGY – God’s three part story (From a NEW testament point of View) .. Luke is Part one about Jesus Christ, ACTS of course is the Sequel. And we today playing out part three (we bring our stories into God’s Story or God’s Story includes our individual stories into His)… until the final grand finale … wow!

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