Flame of Love ~ THE SPIRIT

I re-read this paragraph by Clark Pinnock in his very helpful book “Flame of Love – A theology of the Holy Spirit ”

“The Spirit is elusive but profound and worthy of adoration. If Father points to ultimate reality and Son supplies the clue to the divine mystery. The Spirit epitomizes the nearness of the power and presence of God. St. John of the Cross (b. 1542) aptly calls the Spirit a living flame of love and celebrates the nimble, responsive, playful, personal gift of God”

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I had a wonderful two sessions of Solitude, Silence, Meditation and Prayer yesterday and today. It’s like a post-retreat afterglow .. which is so precious and rare when often Christians tell me they plunge into the valley very quickly. For now, I’m just enjoying the freedom and playfulness I crave for after some “burdensome” episodes. Thus, blog away …

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