Something on “Love” & “Marriage”

Here’s what a kind soul commented on this Garden,

“just a short advertisement: wanna get some wonderful advice on life, love and other mysteries? try out ps. sivin kit’s blog website.. ok, not so much on the “love and other mysteries” part, but he’s got some good stuff to pick out, …”

In response to the “not so much about love bit” I thought why don’t I have some fun here.

I found this from, my tweaked versions-contextualized-adapted-morphed-mutated .. are in the brackets and underlined

Things you and your spouse can do for practically nothing
• Hold hands and walk around the neighborhood. (For people who are stuck in the car together most of the time, hold hands in the car especially at the Traffic Light section)
• Read a book together aloud. (I think we should try this)
Go to a park and cook out or picnic>(Go to the Pasar Malam together)
• Have a TV date at home. (ok! agree)
• Go to the beach. Park where it’s free. (we used to wallk around the lake in Taman Jaya while May Chin was pregnant until the recent construction work)
• Take a long walk at the mall. (I prefer to sit and read at some corner. Midvalley is too long a walk – occassionaly oklah!)
• Go on the hiking trails. (we’re still recovering from the phobia of getting lost for 5 hours at Dart Moore England during our honeymoon.)
• Take a bike ride.(Take a LRT ride .. cost a little bitlah)• Go to a section of the city that is littered and clean it up together. (hmmm … humbling .. )
• At your local grocery store volunteer to bag groceries. (They’ll
chase us out here .. maybe … but maybe we should try)

• Fly a kite. (Just enjoy the sunset together)
• Go fishing. (Feed the ducks at Lake Garden?)
• Swim at the local public swimming pool and get a tan together. (SARS is a concern now … maybe a private swimming pool)

Seriously the following is really good …

Ways to insure you’ll celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary

• Say “I love you multiple times each day” even if you are not a verbal person. You can learn new tricks even if you are an old dog. Wives need that verbal affirmation and most men don’t understand that dynamic.

• Say, “Thank you” often for the small things and common courtesies that transpire between the two of you each day.

• Go out on a date on a regular basis. I would recommend once a week, but I realize that is too frequent to be a reality for most. Twice a month should be workable by even the busiest.

(nothing tweaked here all original again from

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