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May Chin read the blogs from this Garden last night. (ok! I actually printed the whole May entries for her – my wife needs to know what’s going on in her husbands mind & heart!). She was kind to me :-), I was glad she liked what I wrote. So, we talked about some of the stuff. Then, I talked about her writing and we just rolled in laughter …

I’ve been reading quite a number of people’s Blogs lately … some very frequently, others just occassionally .. I thought I’d put up some quotes and links. Feast thyself!

I should be younger than these guys and gals!

“Sometimes the best thing any of us can do, Christian or not, is to think through what it is we ACTUALLY, REALLY believe about God and where we are in regard to issues of “control”. Sit down and think about it some day…” ~ Todd Hunter

“Here is a prayer that I have abducted from N.T. Wright and edited. It is as easy as breathing in (first line) and breathing out (second line). Actually prayer should be as effortless as breathing. This prayer reminds me of that point. It is constructed to be prayed together as a community or as an individual.

Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth
Set up your Kingdom in our midst (my life).

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of he Living God
Have mercy. Save me from the idols of our/my making.

Holy Spirit, Breath of the Living God
Renew us/me and through us/me renew your world.” ~ Winn Griffin

“we need to stop being “the guys with the great theology, but don’t know what to do with it” and start becoming “the guys with the great theology, who can make real and authentic among postmodern generations, and all people, the good news of god in christ in a culturally understandable way.” ~ Karen Ward

“DIALOGUE is what changes our lives– listen to this interview with Theodore Zeldin, one of the most important thinkers in the world, & author of “Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives” ~ dj chuang

“Why do some disciples keep on learning? If you worried about the drop outs you would never teach a class at St. Lawrence College. And if a minister is discouraged by those who get miffed, burn out and despair quickly set in. Jesus’ point in the parable of the Sower is that some of those who are planted in the good soil will go on to yield a hundredfold, and that is plenty for a harvest. When Jesus saw the large numbers who dropped out, Jesus asked the twelve, “Do you also wish to go away?” Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

Those who go on to complete a tough course at St. Lawrence College have settled that the alternative is a miserable low-paid job that will never get them anywhere. And people remain as disciples of Jesus because they take a hard look at the alternatives, and they can see there is no other Way, or Truth, or Life (John14:6). ” ~ Robert Brow

Some Younger than me fellas I read …

“Stagnation equals death, in biological, artistic, and intellectual terms. (—- –, what is art?!) Movement is key. ” ~ Yang Jerng

“Life is like that, i guess. Got to take the bitter with the better. ” ~ Kiffer

“here’s what Mark Twain wrote:

At first, God made idiots. Then He made the school boards

ok, so maybe God didn’t make idiots… in fact, He obviously didn’t… but i think Mr. Twain had a point… that i still have to figure out..haha ” ~ Wai Nyan

whether older or younger … it’s fun reading other people’s blogs ..who knows what can happen? Laughter or tears … a pause or an impetus to move … blog on my friends!

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