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I’ve been thinking a lot about what happens in our LiFE Group meetings and Worship Gatherings lately. It’s just this REALITY CHECK thing going on in me. Then coupled with a fantastic series of sessions with Wolfgang leading a group of us pastors to reflectively read on Bonhoeffer’s Classic on Community “Life Together” that poked me even more … how I wish we could slowly but surely work out the ideals as expounded in that booklet … no wonder I couldn’t help but place it in year 2 of the BLC Discipleship School.

I’ve come to understand that though the genuine experience of “Community” and having “meetings” are distinct but they are not exclusive. There is a link between them. I’ve suddenly felt that in the conversations of Christians .. “meetings” have gotten overly bashed. again, Right use is the solution to misuse. And here’s where Todd Hunter’s Two Questions stayed with me … so gotta let it out!

“How will this meeting help us “wash up”…help us in our spiritual transformation into Christ-likeness?”

“How will it help ALL the members of our community of faith discover their passion, find their mission—the defenseless they see–and learn about their gifts?”

I do hope in days to come .. BLC will experience this at small group levels as well as together as a whole. When “meetings” become a tool to foster and create authentic “community”, then it’s such a blessing … The two questions provide focus when we meet, and a good guide to improve ourselves.

And now, I’m going off to another meeting – The Toasmaster’s Bangsar meeting at Paradise Hotel .. I felt like thinking along these lines too for my so called “secular” club … just some thoughts .. not so crucial. But, for a church these thoughts (i.e. the two questions) are CRITICAL …

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