It’s already half way into the year 2003. Time just flies by so quickly after one reaches 30 Years of age (oklah I’m 31 in October!). And it’s already three years plus since a group of us started BLC. Three years now being the ONLY pastor. Three years of having lots of Freedom to meet different peopleand engage in all sorts of conversations within and outside of church. Recently facing new experiences as a parent, adapting to different family situations, and just simply aging! Someone once said “Leadership is the ability to define REALITY”. Well, I think mere mortals need to learn to define reality not just leaders 🙂 What are some REALITIES that I’ve observed, or encountered, it’s “My perception” of the REALITIES, no doubt .. and they are very REAL to me … And I dare not talk about stuff way beyond my capacity … I dare not sound that I’m “Ranting” or “complaining” .. and yet … I dare not speak to “IDEALISTICLY” detached from the REAL Stuff of life … Anyway, here goes … Abstracts words coming out from concrete experiences … the Bad News keeps me on my toes-I need to Guard my heart! The Good News makes me dance- I’m encouraged to continue in God’s loving Guidance!

1. Eloquent words and a vast vocabulary(inclusive of higher education) are supposed to give us a better way of EXPRESSING oneself … but it seems that all this has become tools for EXPLAINING away our lack of Commitment to people, to God, or even to what’s for our betterment. EXPLAINING away is too “politically correct”. It’s plain giving EXCUSES. Time for us to Give up EXCUSES!

2. Leadership is overated … even though I believe we need good and godly leaders more than ever before. It’s easier to WISH our LEADERS (in whatever form) will do something, or become someone of our liking (or making) rather than sitting down and DECIDING to do something about it ourselves – even if it’s a small step. Before one can truly lead, one must know how to FOLLOW

3. Aim at “Being SUCCESSFUL”, life is about “Being HAPPY”, than talk about “Being GOOD” … this seems to be the common priority these days-in that sequence. We pay lip service to efforts in Being good maybe to ease our guilt conscience (which is sad to say almost disappearing) or to at least “look good” to others … a little bit of “religion” is ok as long as it doesn’t get in the way of being successful (i.e. defined as achieving anything I want) and being happy (i.e. defined as feeling good about myself). If being GOOD is more important than SUCCESS and HAPPINESS will look quite different.

4. SINCERITY is such a rare quality displayed these days. And when we find sincere people … it’s cause for celebration – Big celebration :-). People become just a means to our ends … when that happens too often … we find it hard to trust genuine sincere efforts of people reaching out to us … without sincerity, our society simply collapses!

5. SPIRITUALITY, PHILOSOPHY … maybe even THEOLOGY seems to be cool again these days. The recent two Block Busters, Xmen 2 (has some of it), Matrix Reloaded (has loads of it) … I wonder whether it’s just gonna be “Chicken soup”-mere-“junk food” type of stuff or real-authentic-life-changing “Meals” which is healthy … ? FIND me some people who are SERIOUS about these Big three .. and SERIOUS about living what we talk about … even if our efforts will never reach perfection in our lifetime ..

1. A conscious, intentional, focused quest for genuine spirituality (in my case Christian) and integration to daily life to tremendously rewarding and enriching … money just can’t buy it!

2. There are still people who are SINCERELY seeking GOODNESS and GODLINESS , all is not lost …(often not the masses).. getting connected to them breathes fresh energy to our daily pursuits.

3. If one want to seriously engage on an adventure and journey with Christ, the RESOURCES are unlimited and there will always be at least SOMEONE who can accompany them along the journey.

4. There is a sane way to be a CHRISTIAN … in this insane world. And it’s not hard … it’s simple … (doesn’t mean no struggle though..heheh) .. It’s available to all who search for it!

5. There is still hope to see “spiritual” and “social” transformation modeled after the concept of SHALOM in the Bible – i.e. wholeness. It’s not dropping out from the sky … it’s coming up from the lives of people who merge their stories to the Bigger Story of God’s Revolution in our times and final Restoration on the Final Day …

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