Harmful Ideas or Helpful ideas ~ Sparked by Dr. Mahathir’s Speech

Kopi Ais (KA): Oi, how come I’m here?

Teh Tarik (TT): Well, we’re two new characters in some “constructed reality” by some guy banging on the keyboard. It’s suppose to be fun for him.

KA: Have you been watching the Matrix over and over again? You must be nuts! how is this possible?

TT: Ai yah … drink your Kopi Aislah? My personal Movie habits are none of your business. I just thought of throwing some “philosophy” in your face, and you react like that!

KA: Ok … Ok, hehe, hey this “Loh Mai Kai” is good. …By the way, did you read DR. Mahathir’s Speech delivered at the International Policy Studies in Tokyo, Japan on “The Asian Dimension under the New World Order – Evolving Paradigms in Asia and Japan“?

TT: Me? I usually just read the sports and entertainment section .. all this is too Big headed for me … anyway, what can you get from speeches? it’s all talk …

KA: I don’t usually read them too .. but somehow I thought why not give it a try. And then I found some interesting thoughts. I’mean … just take the content as it islah … minus some Malaysian scepticism and “tidak-apa” attitude. You’ll find that, the speech has some merits ..

TT: Like what?

KA: Skipping some of the analysis part, I found his comments on the power of ideas interesting. For example, he mentioned “Some of the ideas coming from the Europeans are obviously harmful. “. I’m not going into the whole debate of European or Asian ideas. But, some Ideas can be harmful and other ideas can be more helpful.

TT: Now, you just scolded me about the Matrix Movie! And here you are “Philosophizing” about IDEAS! You are a “constructed reality” living a “contradictory existence”.

KA: I prefer to be seen as PARADOXICAL thank you! Hehehe .. Well, Dr. M of course is talking about issues related to economy and politics. Y’know, “Market liberalisation and deregulation” the Mega issues … but I was just thinking in the toilet today, even in our more Micro lives. It’s the same ..

TT: What man? You think about this in the mental lab of your toilet? You need help! Can we have a “constructed” therapist here? hahaha!

KA: Laugh as you may … take the idea of “The supreme goal in life is to pursue my happiness” Sounds innocent right? at least on the surface. So, everything I do will be revolved around that. But the …

TT: Are you saying being happy is wrong? c’mmon man .. you’re not gonna talk about “Life should be gloom and doom” right? Chill out! Must enjoy life what!

KA: Oi .. hold onlah. That’s not what I mean … look we’re going for the “Nemo” movie ok? So, you know I’m not down on being happy. hey, it’s part of life .. what I’m saying is if our whole idea is just revolved around my own happiness then it could turn from a pleasant dream to a nightmare. What if everyone thinks like that? And we’re just focused on me – and my happiness! everyone is for himself and herself .. and if all that we do does not even consider other people’s “happiness” then all of us lose!

TT: what do you mean? I’m just getting confused here .. how can Dr. M’s speech land you up in this non-sensical pursuit, is there such a word?

KA: this is reflective readingmah. It’s just allowing what someone else wrote to spark my own thoughts. And I am not saying , I repeat I am not saying .. you can pursue happiness ok? I’m just questioning this idea “The supreme goal in life is the pursuit of my happiness”. The pursuit of “OUR HAPPINESS” is an improvement and a more helpful idea . I know you’re gonna ask Why?

TT: No … I’m for that. But, WHY anyway?

KA: well, it does make us less “self”-centred. So, besides always thinking about ourselves, we think about people around us and the consequences of our actions on them.

TT: You seem to have some other more HELPFUL idea in mind. Are you gonna throw me this Christian stuff again? Love Godlah, love peoplelah and all that?

KA: So you’re saying this is not an helpful idea?

TT: No offense .. but sounds too good to be true. I’mean .. like “The supreme goal in life is the pursuit of Love.” hey, sounds good actually!

KA: Ahh … “LOVE” not in the abstract .. careful here .. “Love” is a delicate word. Loving my Dog is different from Loving my CDs. Loving my wife is different from loving my mother. Loving myself is different from Loving a picture of myself.

TT: You are driving me nuts ok? Is there something in your Kopi Ais?

KA: It’s just that the word “LOVE” is kind of what I’m looking for as well. I think it’s better than “Happiness”. Because when I genuinely LOVE – I’mean- able to give and receive Love. I guess, I’d be happy and so would those around me.

TT: You sound mushy! Mamak .. Teh tarik lagi satu!

Mamak: ok boss!

KA: yeah … I guess so, unless the LOVE we talk about is not the Mushy type .. something more MYSTERIOUS, huh?

TT: Now you’re scaring me .. the caffiene is going to your head, friend!

KA: hey, I’m on the roll here! MYSTERIOUS not in a horror-movie-like-spooky sense. But more like a detective-story sense .. where we keep on discovering new “evidence” about love and what it means. And of course, in the pursuit of this kind of “Love”. Our lives change as a result of the pursuit.

TT: My God! opps .. sorry. Heheheh got to go now … My boss has this “Harmful idea” – i.e. we are his slaves and need to work our heads off for his happiness … got to get back to the office … see ya tomorrow.

KA: Until we meet again …

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