Leadership ~ John Wimber’s View

After the “Apostle” Blog earlier, I got this email “Power Point” on Leadership which brought me down earth again. After last night’s church council meeting, these words are even more immediately relevant.

My View On Leadership By John Wimber


1. It is not administration. Most material available today marries leadership and administration. Administration is what we must do to implement leadership.

2. Leadership, by definition, is two things: Getting the mind of the Lord for a given time and people. The ability to envision with credibility these same people.

3. It is planning and executing the plan.

4. It is recruiting, training, deploying and monitoring according to the plan.

5. Though it is demonstrated in a wide range of styles, it must be appropriate for the people you are leading and the plan you are executing.

6. It is the ability to adjust the plan, should the need arise.

7. It is the enablement to ask for forgiveness should you lead your people down a false trail.

8. It is sometimes demonstrated by recognizing who is leading in a given situation.

9. It can never be assumed; it is only authenticated by a following.

10. It is tested: By continuing to demonstrate that you are the leader. It is illustrated through modeling the message (what you are and what you say). It is molded by the circumstances of both success and failure. (We must not assume that the leadership model of the past is best for the present; we must constantly evaluate our current-effectiveness.) It is enhanced by surrounding yourself with people whose capabilities exceed your own in a defined area of work.

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