TRIPLE “R” on Mondays

Some people may wonder what pastors do on Mondays. Well, last Sunday my assistant made a really funny comment, something like – “Now after working in church I realized Sivin doesn’t just work on Sundays, he actually works on weekdays!” Well, the John Stott quote about pastors being “six days invisible and one day incomprehensible” hopefully won’t apply in my situation (at least in the view of my own church members!) after my assistant’s “revelation”.


So, what do I do on my so called “off-day”? I call it the TRIPLE R day. i.e. REST, RELAX & REFLECT.

Well, I had quite a good rest last night. Somehow, my physical system crashed. I was thinking about going for badminton on sunday evenings … but then after second thoughts I’ll need to reschedule another time for “Rejuvenating” myself through sports (exercise in which we all lack these days) I told Gareth Sunday afternoons and nights should be exclusively for him and mummy … with occassional fun times with friends.

Yup .. Movies come to mind (probably check out the french speaking ASTERIX movie at Midvalley). I got a biography about BONO from the MPH sales yesterday (sounds fun!). Last few Mondays, I read about “Bruce Lee” (had loads of fun there).

I somehow have this connection with people whose names start with B … like Brian McLaren, Bruce Lee (the one Chinese in this list), Bono, Bruce Banner? (fiction) … or R … like Robert E. Webber, Robert Farrar Capon, Robert Selvakumar … (the one Indian in this list & my STM room mate). or people’s surnames with W … John Wimber, Robert E. Webber (again), Dallas Willard. How did I land up adding the other names ? It’s part of my relaxing … 🙂

Then of course, family dinners come in well during Monday evenings too … got one tonight!

I surf for some anything that might catch my attention … or other people’s blogs that interest me … printed out some articles I thought was linked to my “re-discovery” & “reappropriation” of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life .

ELECTRICITY (a parable for Pentecost) Acts 2:2

A Church On Fire

Then there’s other stuff like ..
What I Learnt From Tolkien About Writing (Grabed me because of a conversation with an aspiring writer)

Freedom To Explore: A Provocative A – Z For The Church (the word provocative was nice!)

This REFLECTING streak is just in me … ever since reading Ken Gire’s two books “Windows of the Soul” & “The Reflective Life:Becoming More Spiritually Sensitive to the Everyday Moments of Life “.


after 12 midnight … it’ll be – hosting District Pastors’ Prayer Meeting at BLC, Children’s Ministry meeting, final preparations for JB Wesley Family Camp, then the camp itself during the weekend. And of course, all the nitty-gritty stuff that needs attention … LWF change of stewards, delegating to my assistant (what a blessing to have one, phew!), and whatever comes to mind when i wake up tomorrow … but for now .. REST, RELAX and REFLECT … add one more bonuslah – R-E-J-O-I-C-E!

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