“Survival” Mode Living?

Just finished the LCMS Selangor District Pastor’s Prayer Meeting at the Father’s House (BLC), we had someone from the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship who share about the importance of “Intercessory Prayer” for leaders, churches and our nation.

We then slipped into some smaller groupings for sharing and prayer support. And in the midst of the listening and talking about what is on our hearts, one pastor’s reflection really grabbed my attention.

The gist of it is simply this.

“so many of us live in a kind of “survival” mode. It’s because the pressures we face can be overwhelming. If we are pastors, it could be church members problems, ministry challenges, and unexpected issues that crop up anytime. If we are working in the “secular” world, there is the demands of the company, the strain with fellow co-workers, then family responsibilities … the list can go on and on.

And to “survive” we may switch to a “survival” mode mentality – thus, ignoring or putting aside any thing that we perceive as an “added” burden. Like, interceding for our nation can be seen like another burden, or participating in some form of prayer ministry in the church may turn out to be a burden. And if that is the case – the “Survivor” in us just doesn’t want anything to do with all this extra “burdens”. But … ” ,

he goes on pointing out,

“The Bible talks about living out of a “RESTFUL” mode which is out of the Abundance of a life with God. And this is so different from the “survival” mode which we’re talking about above. In a “Restful” mode, we are more able to see the “burdens” as “opportunities” to bless others, or just simply “openings” to support people….. The different MODE we choose to live in brings about different results in the way we behave and respond to situations as well as people around us…”

There’s more I guess to what he is saying … that’s what I managed to grasp and internalize a little. Of course, there are times when one needs to be in “Survival” mode … especially in times of crisis, sickness and pain. But, just like the computer that operates on a “safe” mode doesn’t realize its fullest potential, I guess that will happen to me if I stick to “Survival” mode for my daily operations as a human all the time. I’m attracted to the “Restful” mode idea … I think it’s very HELPFUL and HEALTHY indeed.

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