I really enjoyed Roger E. Olson’s “The Story of Christian Theology”. That’s why after the JB Wesley Camp yesterday, I couldn’t help but want to reward myself with “The Mosaic of Christian Belief” I like his “simple and yet not oversimplication” style and more so the absence of a “combative” spirit in his approach even with those he doesn’t agree with. The whole moving from “either-or” to a “both-and” approach to theology attracts me tremendously.

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I was talking with my friend yesterday on how I desire we do more “constructive” work when it somes to our “theological” endeavor in our ministry in Malaysia. I’mean there is a place for “combat” especially in the face of heresy or damiging teachings that constantly plagues the Christian church. But, somehow I feel we can’t be “fighting” all the time .. and now is a time for “building” – providing alternatives to “that which we deem harmful or hurtful” for the Malaysian Church. I hope to be a co-partner in this process …

Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot when it comes to agreeing to speak and share in youth, campus and young adult invitations. Thus, just confirmed I’d share at the SU Closer to God (Chinese version) camp (December) – something new! And then, give my two cents on the Garden of “denominations” at the SU SCF leaders camp (November). Then of course, I’m still looking forward to DUMC’s Campus Zone camp end of June and HELP CF’s camp in August (to be confirmed).

I hope that if it’s possible that God would use my “limited” efforts for his maximum purposes. Prayerfully, starting from my generation and the generation after me – we will be making our mark as “construction” workers for Malaysian ministry, discipleship, leadership and theological development. All this coupled with seeking to see some of the values, and visions I believe about the church to be expressed in and through BLC.

I really hope to see that “OUR STORY” (i.e. Malaysian Church history) will continue to be faithful to our forefathers in faith and fruitful in introducing God-blessed changes and SHALOM (wholeness) to our times. And as we recognize “OUR MOSIAC” (i.e. Malaysian Church as a whole), we will appreciate one another’s beauty as well as advance the richness of Christianity in our world.

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