… Emails … Encouragemet…

I sent out some emails with the 4 Question Survey to some of my friends … and new contacts. I was so happy that they emailed me back their answers. It was “tempting” to email a more elaborate “explanatory” mail. I’m thankful I resisted the temptation. It’s just so easy for a “preacher” like me to be “preachy”. I just replied a just “Thanks”-type of email. (Following the instructions given)

After that, what I did was I sent out some other emails to another group of friends to see what happens.

I was also extremely blessed by a couple of emails by my JB friend .. saying some really “nice” things to encourage me. Ahh .. encouragement .. words that may not cost a single cent, but does wonders to the human spirit. Encouragement is rare these days … we’re so busy living in discouragement (by ourselves or by others).

So, today .. emails are no longer “spam” or “just another” email. The emails turned into ENCOURAGEMENT.

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