Thoughts On “Preaching”

“Preaching” as a term or a word seems to be in people’s bad books. “To be preached at ..” is considered unpleasant if not distastful. “I’m not here to preach at you …” would appear to be more acceptable. But, originally .. the word “to preach” is an ordinary word – simply meaning “to announce” or “to proclaim” or “to let people know the news”. And in our case as Christians – the Good News! Well, that’s enough for me to like this word and appreciate it. I do this “act” of preaching at least every Sunday at 10am during BLC’s Worship Gathering and whenever I’m invited to do so (more formally than usual). Now, I also begin to see it coming out from my life informally – through any opportunity that arises. Now that broadens this “announcing the Good News of Christ” and brings it down-to-earth right to streets, coffee shops and even LRT!

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